The (Growing) Influence of Google+

Many of us follow our favorite brands & local businesses on Twitter and take advantage of offers & promotions through Facebook, but what about Google+? In the past, if someone were to mention Google+ as a social platform, it probably went something like this:

“Google+ is a ghost town; it’ll never catch on!”

That statement could not be more false. Google has made some dramatic changes to the platform, including some key integration updates with its Maps product, which has produced Google+ Local pages. Think of these pages as a one-stop shop for your brand: they act as dealerships’ social profiles, displaying directions and reviews as well as the latest offers.

This growing influence isn’t just hearsay. Our local search reports show the impact of having a verified Google+ listing: calls to our clients’ stores dramatically increase. This is because the phone number embedded within the first page of your Google search is pulled from your verified Google+ listing, as well as the reviews, the photos, the address, the ratings, and so on.

G+ Post 10.8

Google+ Local pages are a must-have for any small business or brand trying to increase its visibility and reach on search engines. When Search Optics verifies and optimizes a Google+ Local page for a client, the results are extraordinary. Here’s why:

– Optimized tags and description give the verified page increased credibility.
– Social posts increase the SEO value of the page, allowing for greater reach.
– Responses to Google+ reviews give customers a sense of value and community.
– The verified checkmark and professional creative images give viewers a feeling of validation.

To learn more about Search Optics’ local search product and what it can do for your business, click here.

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