Why Put Your Reputation At Risk With Uncontrolled Social Media?

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The New York Times published an article this week, detailing two incidents where inconsiderate or offensive social media posts were an embarrassment to a corporate brand. The first, a tweet by an agency employee managing Chrysler’s Twitter feed, made a derogatory comment about the driving skills of Detroit residents. The employee was dismissed, the agency published a very public apology, and Chrysler will not renew their contract. A more public incident occurred after comedian Gilbert Gottfried published offensive jokes about Japan in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster. In that case, he was immediately dismissed by AFLAC, who has substantial business in Japan and had retained Gottfried as the voice of the duck that appears in their commercials.

Both of these incidents, while unfortunate, are a “teaching opportunity” for social media management. Take the opportunity now to reflect on your own social brand and how it is being managed and monitored, and ask yourself this:

  • Can the person or agency managing your digital social identity be trusted to preserve the integrity of your brand at all times?
  • Are the social activities of your celebrity spokespeople being monitored to ensure that their online behavior does not negatively impact your own brand?

If the answers are not “yes” to both questions, then you place your entire brand at risk. Here are our suggestions:

  • Do not “manage” your social presence by assigning it to an associate inexperienced in social media (i.e. an intern or salesperson). Hint: a person who tweets and posts on Facebook all day is not an expert!
  • Be clear (in writing) with everyone who is publicly associated with your organization that they are your brand ambassadors, and that activities online should uphold your company values.
  • Ensure you have full-spectrum monitoring of your online brand – not only the basics like review sites and social media site comments, but the social media activities of any public spokespeople, television/radio talent, and other personalities who would be publicly linked to your company.

Search Optics has a dedicated team that is passionate about Social Media Management and Reputation Monitoring. We care deeply about your success and we back that with professionals who are unparalleled in their commitment to your social identity. Talk to one of our Market Managers today, and learn about how your social presence can outshine the competition and remain true to the letter and spirit of your brand.

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