UPTRACS: Customizable measurement that delivers the right insights for your dealership

UPTRACS® is a digital metrics platform that gives dealers clear insight into the effectiveness of their digital marketing. With a live dashboard and customized reporting focusing on key data points, UPTRACS not only identifies the marketing source of each web visit and phone call, but it also calculates every conversion lead.

The result? A daily snapshot of where your ad spend dollars are performing well — and where they’re not. UPTRACS provides the right information to make sound decisions about where to invest your marketing budget for the greatest ROI.

As one dealer put it, “I can see that we got this sale from that phone call triggered by that ad. No other analytics platform I’ve used in the past could give me that kind of targeted insight.”

With UPTRACS’ live dashboards, dealers have visibility of all traffic and engagements occurring on their site — including page views, internal link clicks, and form submissions. UPTRACS logs and records calls, which can be accessed directly from the dashboard for monitoring and quality assurance.

The platform generates user-friendly, real-time reports customized to measure KPIs that make sense for your dealership. Most often this includes calls, form leads, unique visits, conversion rate, organic traffic results, and bounce rates. And UPTRACS reports can be accessed anywhere, from any device — including mobile.

Now that Google is rewarding mobile-optimized sites with higher search results page rankings, Blueprint Platform® dealers are seeing significant increases in organic search results and relevant organic traffic. This means their sites are more likely to get clicked on.

Blueprint dealers are also seeing lower bounce rates, which means visitors are sticking around and taking a deeper look at their sites. If a visitor views your vehicle description pages, they’re more likely to submit a lead and more likely to visit your dealership in person.

UPTRACS is also a key component of Search Optics’ monthly dealer campaign performance reviews.

As Michael Thomas, Search Optics’ senior manager of marketing intelligence, says, “We collect the data, observe how it’s trending, and optimize dealer campaigns based on what we see. How much are we spending, are the ads driving traffic to the site, and are they submitting leads? If they’re not driving traffic or traffic that converts, we look at what we can do to increase those consumer behaviors. At the start of every new month, we’re ready to roll with content and campaigns that generate more organic traffic.”

Search Optics is the exclusive provider of UPTRACS to the automotive industry. To learn more, click here.


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