Social Media Shakes Up Mainstream Media

When the craze of MySpace began back in the early 2000’s, people would never have guessed that social media would be as widely known as it is today. As we near the end of our first decade in the millennium, we find ourselves constantly hearing about Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In…and not in the same context as we had been about 10 years ago. Today, these social networking sites are critical in any marketing strategy, and agencies are seeking internet savvy professionals to implement these techniques via these Web sites for clients.

Just like most of the world’s most ingenious inventions, the idea of using digital social media to implement marketing strategies has proved itself over these past 10 years with extensive research, observation, trial and error, and collaboration. Social media is no longer a new concept to the business world, whether professionals are ready to accept it or not. It is out with the old and in with the new – and for good reason too. Word of mouth has been a fervent and prevalent influence since the beginning of time.

With networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, these words are now at everyone’s fingertips instantly; a marketer’s dream come true! Immediacy plays another huge role in the impact of social media. Marketing material posted on social media Web sites is instantly available to the customer. These are results that a magazine or newspaper can never provide.

Who better to implement these marketing strategies through social networking sites than digital agencies? Digital agencies understand that brands are being held to higher-than-ever consumer expectations and know how to effectively market their clients through these proven effective Web sites. They bring to the marketing table a fresh perspective and flexibility that mainstream media just cannot deliver.

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