What do you get when you combine an automotive service company that has 1,800 locations in Brazil (and over 3,000 locations across LATAM) with a customer base that uses mobile as a primary research platform?

A digital marketing challenge that Search Optics is uniquely equipped to solve.

Last May, we partnered with Bosch Group, the largest automotive service company in Brazil. We learned that its owner had grown accustomed to operating entirely offline, without a website or email. However, we knew that broadening Bosch’s digital reach would help the company connect with more customers. With 85 percent of Brazilian consumers conducting online research prior to purchase—and more than half of searches taking place on a mobile device—Bosch had an undeniable need for a comprehensive mobile-first strategy that could drive online engagement and real-life sales.

But keeping pace with the growth of mobile, and the corresponding evolution in consumer behavior, would be no easy task. According to Google, more than 70 million searches for automotive repair centers occur each month—which means a sizable proportion of Bosch’s target audience begins their buying journey online. In order to reach these customers and generate high-quality leads, Bosch’s website needed to be accessible to potential customers at any time, on any size screen.

With Bosch’s goals in mind, Search Optics developed personalized digital marketing targeting the needs of each individual Bosch location. In order to improve the Bosch customer experience and generate leads, they leveraged the Search Optics Blueprint Platform®, responsive web design to deliver an immersive user experience on mobile. Instead of starting with a site built for desktop and adapting it for the mobile version, Blueprint Platform uses a mobile-first strategy. This offers full functionality on any size screen and is designed to convert mobile shoppers.

Our approach was unique in that we auto-generated 1,800 websites for Bosch locations. Once the individual service center enrolls, a consultation is scheduled to personalize the website with design elements, contact information and location specifics. Upon enrollment, sites can be live within 48 hours.

Thanks to Bosch’s new strategy, they now have a cohesive online presence, while remaining differentiated with up-to-date, local information that’s easily accessible from any device. Additionally, each Bosch location has access to a centralized dashboard that indicates which channels are generating the most leads—enabling Bosch to assess campaign performance and make adjustments to the strategy.

Now that Bosch has taken a mobile-first approach that aligns with the behaviors and needs of their audience, they have a greater opportunity than ever before to grow their business and generate higher-quality leads.


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