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There is a reason Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a buzz word in the Internet Marketing industry. Since customers turn to Search Engines more and more often to find businesses, it becomes more and more important that they are on the first few pages of a search result. Search Engines are used almost hourly, and the three most commonly used are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. In 2009, a study showed that a grand total of 72.52% of people use Google when it comes to their search needs, 14.99% use Yahoo! and 8.81% use Bing. These Search Engines all have the goal of returning the most relevant results to the user, but they each have major differences in how they decide what the most relevant result is.

Yahoo! Search is newer to the search industry but is becoming a major player. Yahoo! claims to offer users a faster and more intuitive search experience. To optimize for The New Yahoo! Search Web sites will have to cover every aspect possible. This includes photos, videos, event listings and more. Web site owners will need to become more involved with both social and media hosting online.

Google has some different criteria for what they rank first in their results. It is more likely to pull up Web sites that have a strong introductory paragraph explaining what the site is about. Google also pulls up Web sites that have text links to them, not just graphics. It helps if the text links say something other than “click here”. Google favors Web sites that use text, not images, for important content.

On page factors matter more in Bing than with Google and Yahoo!. Bing also pays more attention to the authority of the site than Google and Yahoo!. Search results are distorted in favor of older sites and/or sites of authoritative organizations. Age of domain is also very important with Bing. Fresh content matters less than with Google. Whether this is because Bing is incapable of indexing sites that quickly or not, fresh content does not matter when ranking page results. Bing is also more Flash -friendly. Optimizing a Flash site for Google can be a bit of a nightmare, but Bing appears to be more Flash-friendly.

It might seem like a major challenge for companies and businesses to try and meet a variety of Search Engines’ optimization criteria. At Search Optics, Inc. all search criteria is addressed and met when building the Search Engine Optimization of a client’s Web site. Search Optics, Inc. is committed to converging face-to-face client care and forward-thinking 21st century interactive marketing opportunities. We specialize in driving targeted Internet traffic directly to a client’s Web site by optimizing Search Engine results. Search Optics, Inc. covers all the criteria by creating a variety of social networking profiles for clients and customers. Content is refreshed weekly and graphics are added to each profile. Blogs are submitted to blog communities and drafted Press Releases are submitted to online Press Release distributing Web sites. These efforts cover all search engine optimization criteria and maximize results on all Search Engine pages.

About Search Optics
Search Optics is a digital marketing company that specializes in custom, integrated solutions with an emphasis on face-to-face client interaction. The company uses an uncommon blend of progressive technology and human interaction to turn virtual traffic into measureable results. Search Optics, which was founded in 1998, has corporate offices in San Diego, Detroit and Toronto, and field locations in major markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, please visit

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