The Importance of Reputation Management For Your Auto Dealership

Like it or not customer reviews are extremely important for your business, and so is managing these with a reputation management program. Reviews are all over the internet and unfortunately most of them are negative. When you have a really bad experience somewhere you are much more inclined to tell the world about it. When things go smoothly, rarely do you say, “What a wonderful casual dining experience I just had – let me go post a Yelp review about it”. The answer probably lies in a Psychology wing somewhere but these are the facts about customer reviews.

You have to gather positive customer reviews to combat the inevitable negative ones. When Joe from Los Angeles is deciding which auto dealership to bring his Ford F-150 to, there must be a variety of reviews so Joe can make his decision. People trust reviews – for better or worse. I agree it makes no sense people put their faith into a complete strangers opinion, but that’s just how it goes. How many times have you read a positive movie review but left the theater disappointed?

Are you starting a blog yet? The positive customer reviews that you should be gathering should be going on to your blog and will start to gain organic placement for your dealership or company. Post some of these reviews on popular review web sites such as Yelp. I want to stress that combating negative comments is a two-way street. Without positive customer reviews, it makes reputation management much harder – although it can still be done.

I would go to Google right now and see how many reviews you can find about your auto dealership or company. Remember the guy who had to wait 5 extra minutes for his oil change? Well guess what – he just left a negative review that our good friend Joe from Los Angeles is reading:

“Oil change took forever!!!! Only go to this dealership if you want to waist your ENTIRE DAY! This place stinks – Go Lakers! -Tony from LA”

Negative reviews can spread throughout the internet and infect your company and you could have no idea it’s happening. Reputation management needs to be taken very seriously. It’s called Viral Marketing for a reason.

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