Reasons For Automotive Dealers to Offer Leasing Specials

As our economy continues to struggle, automotive dealers have been backing away from leasing specials. As it has become increasingly harder to get vehicles off their lots, dealerships have been in turn lowering vehicle prices to move them off the lot for good. This makes finding a lease for car buyers that much more difficult. It may be in an automotive dealer’s best interest to target customers with leasing specials this season.

For many car buyers, a lease is the only way to get monthly payments to fit their budgets. Leasing monthly payments are typically lower than financing monthly payments. For some, this is the only way they can have a vehicle to drive. The scarcity of leasing specials means that an auto company who chooses to market one would have little competition for customers.

Providing a leasing option will attract customers that would not even consider visiting their local dealership otherwise. Car companies who cease their leasing plans will be forced to tweak their sales incentives to keep vehicles moving out the door. With a leasing option, sales prices will not have to be altered and vehicles will still be moving off the lots.

Leasing options serve the customer as well. It is an economical way to provide vehicles for business use and a way for private individuals to drive more cars than one could typically afford. A significant amount of the Mercedes-Benzes, BMWs, and Lexuses you see on the road are leased. If you find yourself mainly driving exclusively for work, leasing a vehicle is the only way to go.

It seems to be that trying out a leasing special this month is in the automotive dealers’ best interest. The significant amount of automobile customers that prefer leasing specials to buying or financing cars are left with no options for their automobile needs. The competition is scarce and that is definitely in an automobile dealership’s favor. Providing a leasing special could only work in an automotive company’s favor this season!

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