Online Video Advertising: A Cost-Effective Complement to Television Commercials

As the digital marketing industry continues to evolve, new products and formats are providing innovative ways for local businesses to engage with the customers who matter most. Video advertising is one such opportunity for local businesses to maximize their ROI, no matter their budget.

Online video advertising is a chance for companies to easily and effectively distribute content. With extensive geo-targeting options available, businesses can effectively focus on a local audience. If your business already develops televised content, video advertising can expand your reach beyond a traditional audience and connect your message exactly where your customers are online. Since a significant percentage of television impressions are ignored, online video advertising is a great complementary tactic and should be included in your marketing mix.1 If your business does not have the budget to develop commercials, YouTube is the right place to start.

Although it began as a hub for sharing user-generated video content, YouTube has quickly become an ideal platform for local businesses to attract customers who may have once been unreachable due to monetary restraints. With over a billion unique user visits each month, the site has become the Internet’s second largest search engine., full of individuals who are in-market and searching for your product.2

TrueView, YouTube’s video advertising product, offers a highly cost-effective method for local advertisers to maximize their investment by only charging when a user chooses to watch an entire ad.3 Having a skippable ad format has created a win-win for advertisers and consumers. It helps eliminates wasted advertising dollars, and the users who choose to watch are more engaged. At the same time, even skippers show an increase in brand awareness and ad recall & recognition.4

If you are considering developing your own video content, it is important to follow these best practices:

  • Videos should be relevant to the audience.
  • You have limited time to generate interest, so make it count.
  • Videos should be less than 45 seconds long.

Search Optics offers a full online video campaign management service that helps your business reach its advertising goals. Our locally-focused approach ensures your business sees more ROI by delivering your message directly to potential customers, without spending a significant portion of your budget. As new digital technology is developed, we’ll continue to use it to improve your marketing efforts, bringing you more leads and driving down costs.

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