New Search Optics SEO and Content Marketing Packages Push Dealer Rankings Upward

Leading Digital Marketer Increases Organic Search Rankings Over 60% with Higher Quality Content

SAN DIEGO — May 6, 2015 — Search Optics®, a leading digital marketing provider with a specialty in automotive, today announced new SEO and Content Marketing services for businesses that want to increase their online and mobile presence. Search Optics will offer content strategy, development and optimization capabilities to help automotive dealers and retailers of all sizes create engaging content for more immersive online and mobile experiences.

Search Optics currently works with more than 1,000 automotive customers, from brand OEMs to large dealer groups and dealerships of all sizes. Dealers that have leveraged the company’s SEO and Content Marketing packages have seen, on average, a 62% increase in organic traffic that resulted in over 250% increase in total events, such as new inventory searches, mobile engagement, “click to calls” and more.

“Compelling, quality content is more important now in helping businesses gain a competitive advantage in organic search rankings,” said Troy Smith, president and co-founder, Search Optics. “Our new SEO and Content Marketing services, combined with our responsive web design platform Blueprint, enables businesses to pack quality content into their online and mobile experiences while also future-proofing their sites against Google’s pending search algorithm change.”

Putting a Premium on Higher Quality Content for Better Visibility
In eMarketer’s 2014 “SEO Marketing Benchmark Summary Report,” quality content ranked the most effective SEO tactic, but the hardest to execute. For industries such as automotive, dedicating resources to producing, publishing and promoting content is arguably one of the hardest digital marketing disciplines to tackle.

Moreover, on April 21, Google’s search ranking algorithm implemented a new weighting system that rewards content-rich mobile sites with higher rankings. Google now factors in the length of mobile visitors’ interaction with high quality content; sites that lack quality content and visitor engagement could be negatively affected by this change, causing rankings to slip. Businesses must consider how both their online and mobile websites offer up quality content without sacrificing usability and user experience.

Search Optics employs more than 150 Google-certified experts that work closely with each business to understand its competition, audience and content marketing goals. From off-site and on-site content to tailored keyword rankings, real-time reporting and on-page optimization, Search Optics provides an integrated strategy that ensures more relevant users, especially low-funnel shoppers, find and spend more time on a site—generating more leads.

Search Optics’ comprehensive SEO and Content Marketing services include:

Content Development: off-site and on-site content plus targeted keyword research and rankings to increase rankings.
Strategy and Planning: competitor tracking, hands-on SEO expertise, and real-time insights to track organic search rankings and share of voice.
Reporting and Optimization: monitoring and reporting, technical and other on-page optimization refinements, plus full integration with any third-party CMS.

Visit for more information or to get started with Search Optics SEO and Content Marketing services.

About Search Optics
Search Optics is a digital marketing company that specializes in custom, integrated solutions with an emphasis on return on investment. The company uses an uncommon blend of leading edge technology and human interaction to turn virtual traffic into measurable results. Search Optics, which was founded in 1998, has corporate offices in San Diego, Detroit, Orange County, Calif., Toronto, Montreal , Sydney, Australia, São Paulo, Brazil and field locations in major markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, please visit You can follow Search Optics on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Facebook.


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