When evaluating your business' performance many factors and metrics come into play. It is critical to chart every aspect of your business, from sales volume to ROI, to employee satisfaction; however, simply gathering data is not enough. It’s important to leverage analytics to optimize future marketing campaigns. According to a recent article in AdWeek, only 10% of marketers believe they are effectively analyzing customer and sales data. The challenge, then, is taking data and translating it into action and success. To help you take your business to the next level, Search Optics’ digital experts weight in on gathering the right information for developing an effective marketing plan.

Mobile, or m-commerce, is the present and future of marketing and sales. To optimize a marketing plan, it’s important to recognize the importance of how your customers use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Critical metrics to take into account include mobile monthly unique visitors, mobile average ticket, average total downloaded bytes, and of course mobile as a percentage of total web sales.

Once you have collected your mobile-specific metrics, analyzing the data comes into play. To help marketers measure what mattersTM, Search Optics has developed UPTRACS, a proprietary analytics platform that provides insights into campaign performance, both online and offline, to optimize spend and sales analytics. Some the benefits of UPTRACS include:

Easy-To-Use —developed to be user-friendly, UPTRACS provides intuitive and actionable dashboards.

Real-Time StatsUPTRACS monitors campaigns constantly, and gives you 24/7/365 real-time measurements.

Personalized to Your Needs — your business demands customization on all levels, so UPTRACS offers proprietary technology that allows for personalized KPI implementation and tracking.

Access on the go —access UPTRACS from anywhere on any device for responsive reports whenever they’re needed.

Stop guessing when it comes to your marketing dollars and put a plan in place to measure what matters today. The shift in customer behavior demands that you not only change your marketing metrics, but also the tools you use to gather information for mobile-focused analysis. Thankfully, Search Optics is well-positioned to help you make this major change without missing a beat, or a sale.


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