Key insights Shared by Search Optics' Christian Fuller at J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable

Search Optics®, a leading global digital marketing provider with expertise in the automotive industry, at the J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable (AMR) last week, shared key insights and data constructed to help dealerships and associations with how channels are viewed, measured and attributed. As part of a panel titled, “From Awareness to Purchase: The Journey of Auto Shoppers & Multi-Channel Experience,” Christian Fuller, chief relationship officer with Search Optics, discussed the influence of mobile as part of the car shopping experience and the importance of measurement with all platforms.

“4 out of 5 people start researching one brand and end up with purchasing another,” said Fuller on-stage. “Multi-channel marketing can be overwhelming. Keep it simple and focus on what generates leads.”

Growing from a key North American player in the digital marketing space to a rapidly expanding global provider with new offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland and more, Search Optics’ own capabilities, expertise and knowledgebase have helped clients across multiple continents expand their business.

“The J.D. Power Automotive Roundtable was a fantastic opportunity for industry leaders to come together and discuss how we can improve our methods and products to better serve our clients,” said Fuller. “From lessons we have learned in growing our domestic business through several economic cycles during rapid technological advancements, we have honed our skills to bring to the global marketplace truly better digital solutions that generate class leading results.

Top Three Key Takeaways Include:

1. Keep it simple: Car shopping is increasingly becoming a complex, digital journey, but dealers should still focus on key metrics, such as conversion rate and lead generation, that will drive business today.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of mobile: The majority of leads are from mobile now. 47% of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices, which could lose a dealership potential sales. Thanks to its mobile-first approach, Search Optics clients have experienced a 36% average lift in conversion rate, as well as a 19% average lift in lead volume, after switching to Blueprint responsive design.

3. Despite the channel, focus on a great customer experience: According to Michelle Morris, Facebook U.S. Industry Lead, 67% of car shoppers start their research on one device and convert on another. Delivering a quality experience regardless of the channel is key to generating leads and improving conversion rates.


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