Inventory Based Advertising with Facebook
In a world where Digital touchpoints are driving more and more of the buying experience, introducing your available vehicle inventory to the consumer is more important than ever. While you may have well developed tactics that deliver beautiful creative ads to well-defined audiences, there is nothing more valuable to a consumer than getting their eyes on the product they are interested in buying.

To support this, Facebook has established two key Marketing platforms that put Automotive Inventory at the forefront, Automotive Inventory Ads and Marketplace.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)

Facebook Automotive inventory Ads (AIA), create an opportunity to push real-time inventory to customers in your market who are ready to buy. Working with your Digital Advertising Partner, this product allows for a seamless connection of your Inventory Feed directly into the Facebook ecosystem, creating carefully constructed Carousel Ads.

Then, relying on Conversion data from your own website engagement on these lower funnel Vehicle Detail Pages, these Advertising Campaigns are optimized to dial in the precise inventory to display based on the user. This calls on important auto-specific data points such as Make, Model, Year, Mileage, Seating, Torque, or Budget. All this information is passed through to make sure that when your potential customer is browsing on Facebook, the vehicles that are most likely to motivate them to buy, are represented in your ads.

When it comes to the Creative on these Ads, you are provided multiple options to better customize your ad.
- Each vehicle receives its own individual card within the carousel ad, which allows for a slideshow of vehicle specific images to highlight all angles that a customer may desire.

- Image/Text Overlays can be developed to provide an Offer message, Contact information, or Dealer logo for an enhanced viewer experience.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads have proven to be the most valuable ‘Always On’ campaign strategy, due to its one to setup for direct connection into your Dealerships available inventory. Supported by additional marketing efforts like Branded and Offer driven campaigns to increase awareness in your market, these AIA ads deliver the low-funnel conversion metrics that keep cars moving off the lot.

Facebook Marketplace

In addition to promoting your New Inventory through Facebook AIA Ads, Facebook Marketplace is a great tool to market your Used Inventory at no cost at all.

Utilizing the same Inventory Feed set up that drives your AIA Ads, Facebook allows dealers to segment this feed by Used, and displays them within the Results of the Facebook Marketplace eCommerce experience for those who are searching within your market.
To best succeed in this channel, timely response is key. Through the Facebook platform, users have the ability to message the dealership directly through Facebook Messenger, where they can perform the key steps needed to drive towards a deal. Ensuring that you have the proper staffing resources to monitor and maintain this channel could make or break that next sale.

Enabling this Marketplace Inventory feature is done by working with one of Facebook’s approved Marketplace Partners, such as Search Optics.


A Digital Strategy anchored by these Inventory Based solutions creates the robust experience that customers connect with and businesses rely on to move product quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, working closely with a partner like Search Optics, who is able to maximize these efforts will simplify the launch, create engaging and well performing Ad experiences, and ultimately drive the results.


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