Increase Your SEO Budget For The Recession

SEO is one of the recessions few friends. Now is the time to bolster your SEO budget. The recession is going to end sooner or later and when it does you’ll have to be ready. Once the economy starts booming again – 1980s style – having strong organic placement will be very important. I strongly recommend you begin an additional SEO campaign focusing on used cars, parts & service. People in today’s economy want to fix what they already have.

Preparing your SEO campaign for the end of the recession is just as important as optimizing it now. SEO techniques that are proven will show you a strong ROI. It’s a very simple formula: drive as much traffic to your site as possible. Not only are you bringing more potential customers to your web site, but you are taking potential customers away from your competitors. That in and of itself is worth the budget increase.

Don’t fall into the trap of reducing your budget to help your company save money in the recession. You need customers now more than ever. How will shutting off your pay-per-click and / or SEO marketing budget do that? Why would you want to reduce your visibility on the internet? If your competitors are reducing their budgets, and you’re increasing yours, wouldn’t that land you a larger market share? What you should do is cancel your newspaper ad one Saturday a month.

I would like to clarify – please reduce (or cancel) your radio, television and other non-trackable traditional media marketing budgets. Please stop placing ads on bus stops around your target market area and put your money into SEO – pretty please? You’ll never regret having the top organic spot on Google, MSN & Yahoo for “San Diego Honda Parts”. But when a well-placed a wad of gum covers your dealership name at a bus at the corner of Broadway & 8th Ave…yikes.

Your organic search engine listings will always be there. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what. You know the thousands of dollars you spent to make that commercial? You know, that commercial with the catchy jingle. When it finally played your viewer got up to refill his plate of Oreos? Why take that risk? It makes much more sense to put your marketing dollars into SEO. As I said before, we’re in a recession. SEO is very inexpensive compared to traditional media.

SEO for now. SEO for the future.

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