The Importance of Tailoring Content for Mobile

Over the past year there have been a number of changes to the SEO landscape. While many digital marketing firms have adapted to this new world, writing fresh and unique content isn’t going to be enough. To remain competitive in organic search, it will take more than adopting the mantra “Content is king.”

Moving forward, the focus needs to be not only on optimizing your website and creating great content, but also on tailoring it for different devices, especially mobile ones. BrightEdge recently revealed in their 2014 Mobile Share Report that 62 percent of organic searches show different results depending on whether the search was performed on a desktop or a mobile device. BrightEdge also discovered that brands that have misconfigured websites for mobile lost 68 percent of smartphone traffic. Having an emphasis on optimizing your mobile website and mobile content will be more important as more consumers move to mobile queries.

According to a comScore Smartphone Subscriber Market Share for June 2014, over 170 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone. Mobile queries are becoming increasingly popular to the point where even Google’s Matt Cutts at Search Marketing Expo West said that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if mobile search exceeds desktop queries by the end of the year. With the future of search potentially moving toward being dominated by mobile queries, brands need to be proactive and have a plan for creating quality content that is optimized for mobile devices.

There are plenty of steps available to help prepare for the increasing number of mobile queries. Focus on making sure your website is optimized to create a great mobile experience for mobile users. If consumers have a poor experience on your mobile site, they may not stay on your site very long, which can lead to lower rankings on mobile search results. Have a discussion with your SEO and content teams and decide what kind of content should be shown to your desktop or mobile consumers. Will the message you are trying to deliver need to be different? Mobile and desktop users will have different expectations, so discover what is important to each type of user.

Creating engaging and unique content that your consumers will want to read will continue to be important. But making sure you are able to cater to desktop and mobile users will help you stay competitive in organic search and take advantage of the increasing number of smartphone traffic.

- Mike Warwick, SEO Coordinator



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