Growing engagement and increasing SEO ranking by using quality content

One of our longtime clients, a regional association of Midwestern Chevy dealers, was looking to continue growing, engaging, and exciting their following on social channels after two very successful campaigns that ran from January through June 2014. They also needed to combat the decreasing visibility of their organic content due to changes in Facebook’s algorithm. To resolve this, our client used Search Optics’ strategies tailored for regional associations: high-value content that increases brand awareness and engagement among consumers. This content-focused approach is critical for SEO and ultimately would not be possible without a group of experts. Having engaging and well-crafted content boosted the local feel of the page and proved to be a wildly successful strategy for enhancing SEO and brand awareness: from July through August 2014, 5,800 users engaged with the client’s Facebook page.

• Sustain engagement, excitement, and continued growth on social channels after a vehicle giveaway and successful media campaign from January – June 2014.
• Resolve the decreasing visibility of organic content due to changes in Facebook’s algorithm.

• We created engagement-centric posts encouraging interaction and continued growth on the client’s social outlets.
• Our team of experts developed individually crafted copy that was linked to external content favorable to Facebook’s algorithm and post times.

• Facebook likes increased by 1.2k.
• 5.8k interactions by 5.6k unique users.
• Page impressions reached 246.9k.


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