Great Ideas for Automotive Dealers Fall Specials

When Fall rolls around, customers start thinking about making sure their vehicle is ready for cooler weather. Customers come in for fluid checks, preventative maintenance, and tune-ups, all with the hope of avoiding a break down in the snow. All of this makes Fall a great time for automotive dealers to add specials to their websites. Adding specials is also a quick way to customize your site and create customer excitement and interest. Since customers are already thinking about getting their car ready for winter, why not take advantage of the time to present them with specials that get them to YOUR store.

Here are some ideas for specials to build excitement and business using an automotive dealer’s website:

· Car Care Month Check Up: Put together an November service package for customers to get their car ready for winter.

· Fall Tire Service: Fall often brings wetter road, whether it is with rain or snow. Offer your customers a discount on new tires or rotations so they can be sure to drive safely.

· Cold Weather Car Wash: If you live in a really cold area, ice and snow might start early. And that means salty roads. A car wash special, so customers can get damaging road chemicals removed from their car, is a great special for automotive dealers to offer.

· Cold Weather Accessories Package: If your dealership sells accessories, fall is a great time to put together a package of everything a customer could need in the cold. Ice scrapers, jumper cables, or tire chains are all great ideas.

Think about adding some Fall Specials to your site! It keeps your content fresh and exciting, and your customers bringing their business to you. For more ideas to drive traffic to your website and dealership, contact Search Optics at

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