Google's 'Mobilegeddon': Sink or Swim

The Day of Reckoning has arrived, and Google is playing judge, jury, and executioner. If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you likely saw your traffic plummet Tuesday, April 21, when the search engine rolled out a new update to its algorithm.

Morry Patoka, President of Search Optics LTD, our Canadian subsidiary, discussed the impact of Google's 'Mobilegeddon' with Canadian Auto Dealer. According to Patoka, "having a responsive website is not enough. What most dealers tend to miss is thinking about their mobile site from a consumer’s perspective."

“It’s not just a simple changeover to go to a responsive site so that it looks nice on a mobile device. It has to function the way consumers want to experience when are thumbing our way through a dealership’s website,” says Patoka. “It’s that balance between, ‘here is what I want to sell you and giving you a chance to show me as a dealership what’s important to you and what you are looking for.’” Patoka says dealers should adopt the customer-centric attitude regardless of the platform on which they are operating by providing customers with relevant content and a mobile website that’s easy to navigate. “If you give them that opportunity quickly and efficiently, then consumers will be far more responsive to absorb your message and then take action on it,” adds Patoka.

Read the complete article at Canadian Auto Dealer.


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