Going local is the way to go for a stronger social campaign and higher engagements.

One of our Toyota dealer clients in the Rocky Mountains area was already one step ahead of their competitors when it came to social media. The business had a steady following but was looking to grow their audience without alienating their current base. To accomplish this objective, Search Optics leveraged the client’s relationships with both a regional fishing enthusiast company as well as a nearby higher education institution to develop social campaigns targeting the local community. This approach, full of rich, specific content that interested users in the area, attracted new followers while increasing engagements overall. Metrics improved across the board, from post reach to page impressions. By promoting local content, our client brought awareness to their own brand.

• Grow and maintain social audience.
• Increase page engagement.

• Took advantage of relationships with local celebrities and institutions to develop social campaigns with specific content to community from June – July 2014.

• Post reach increased from average of 38 to 157 people.
• Facebook fans increased by 80 from May to August, versus 47 from January to April.
• Impressions grew 122.7K from May to August, versus 74.9K from January to April.


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