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Dominion of Bedford Drives Traffic with an Integrated Organic and Paid Search Strategy

Dominion of Bedford aimed to target mid-to-low funnel leads with a goal of driving dealeship and website traffic to increase sales. The dealer partenered with the Search Optics team to
develop a digital marketing strategy to reach shoppers at the desired stage of the purchasing funnel, driving results and increasing ROI.
+ Optimize search performance to improve online visibility
+ Target mid-to-low funnel leads
+ Drive dealership traffic
+ Increase website visits and shopping actions
+ Boost sales and ROI
A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy was implemented to enhance website performance and improve search engine ranking. Managed Paid Search campaigns were developed to increase visibility, target low-funnel leads and drive website traffic.
SEO and Paid Search Tactics
+ Develop a strong content strategy to boost search results
+ Optimize title tags, headers and meta descriptions
+ Ongoing keyword research and monitoring
+ Create bid strategies to drive paid search efficiencies
+ Personalize ads to promote dealer incentives
Results (Nov. 2015 vs. Nov. 2016)1
+ Total leads increased by 35%
+ Form leads were up 44%
+ Total site visits grew by 32%
+ Lead conversion rate improved by 16%

client quote
1 UPTRACS Analytics Nov. 2015 vs. Nov. 2016
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