A Closer Look at Blueprint Platform by Search Optics®

Earlier this year, Search Optics launched a truly responsive website platform, Blueprint, which allows for an optimal user experience regardless of device. Blueprint currently supports all tiers of automotive websites, as well as several sites outside of the auto industry. With both the number of mobile shoppers continuing to rise and the use of tablets also increasing, responsive websites have never been more in demand. As an industry leader, Search Optics continues to evolve and provide the products and solutions needed for our clients to stay competitive.

Blueprint includes a content management system that allows the flexibility to format updates differently across different screen sizes or resolutions. Not only can you customize a page layout per device, but you can also enable different styles for pages across the site. For example, sales pages can have a different background design than service pages.

With Blueprint, SEO strategies can be executed at the page level, such as custom title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords. These are inputted at page level settings and can be easily updated and maintained directly in the CMS.

Inventory management is another robust tool within Blueprint, allowing users to update a vehicle’s price and details, lock a change until a specified date and time, or remove a vehicle from inventory. The tools are straightforward and allow for real-time changes, whereas inventory feed updates may not allow for the same timely changes.

Website performance statistics can also be accessed within Blueprint. All websites with UPTRACS® reporting have access to a dashboard highlighting total calls, form leads, visits, activities, conversion rate, KPI tracking, and much more. The dashboard allows users to choose the date range for data, look at specific marketing segments, export graphs, and listen to audio files from sales calls.

With Blueprint’s page builder, creating a new webpage from start to finish is simple and can be done entirely in the CMS. There are widgets available to painlessly add common page components like sliders, images, text, videos, specials, inventory, maps, forms and more. These widgets prompt you for any necessary information or selection as they are enabled for a user-friendly experience.

Blueprint offers flexibility and ease of customization. With this new platform, Search Optics has drawn on its many years of experience to identify key features that were frequently requested or are commonly accessed, making those available and simple to use. There is much more to Blueprint than could be outlined here. Contact us today for more details!

-Mallory Rostamijam, Project Manager

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