Automotive Dealers Can Take Advantage of DIY Mechanics Trends

It makes sense if you think about it. When times are tough financially, people are going to try and cut costs any way they can. And one of those ways is by trying to fix things on their own. Although some auto makers have taken a hit in the current recession there is one area that has experienced an increase in sales: service and parts. In fact, according to a recent CNN article service business is up as much as 16%.

In addition to spending more money to make sure their current car keeps running by getting service, some consumers are going even further. They are taking matters into their own hands and trying to fix their cars at home. In fact, stores that specialize in selling auto parts, like The AutoZone have seen a rapid increase in parts customers. More and more people are trying to avoid purchasing a new car or even paying for service by trying to get the parts and fix their cars themselves.

Some automotive dealers are choosing to capitalize on the boom of DIY car owners by creating custom part sites, or adding targeted parts campaigns to their PPC. According to Google Insights for Search this is a good move. This Google tool, which lets you see trends in searches, reveals that searches for various car-related terms are up as much as 180%:


In order to help our customers take advantage of the boom in parts business, Search Optics works with automotive dealers to create custom parts sites. The sites allow customers to shop for OEM parts online and then have them shipped to anywhere in the country. Recently we’ve seen many of these sites experience an increase in traffic as customers take a more hands-on approach to their car maintenance.

With more people rolling up their sleeves and taking repair into their own hands, parts sites are a great way to gain new customers. And having sites that can ship anywhere in the entire country is a great way to expand business. If you’re looking to explore an exciting new avenue for your dealership, ask your Search Optics representative about our custom parts sites today! Call 888.509.9911

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