Using Effective SEM For Your Auto Dealership

Internet search engines are becoming a crucial way for dealers to connect with car buyers. Times are gone when you could place and ad in the newspaper, television, or radio and watch customers swarm into your dealership. The Internet has now emerged as one of the most popular devices for consumers to educate themselves regarding purchasing a new vehicle. According to a recent study by Insight Express for Google, “3 out of 4 online consumers looking for an automobile dealer use a search engine to find the dealer.” Chances are that if your marketing message is not displayed in front of those consumers, you will miss out on a potential sale. Many dealers mistakenly believe that because they are conveniently located to their targeted clientele as compared to their competitors that search engine marketing is not a good fit for them. Well, think again…. search engine marketing allows dealers to target various areas, and many target within a 50 mile radius of their location, which could mean that a customer in your own backyard might end up at one of your competitors if you aren’t represented in the search engine listings!

While more auto dealers are shifting money from traditional advertising to search engine marketing, there are still many dealers that have yet to take advantage of the Internet as a tool for bringing in new customers. Many dealers are still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on traditional methods without a clue as to what’s working. With the current economic conditions, including advertising budget cuts, now more than ever dealers need to know where every allocated dollar has been spent.

The great thing about partnering with Search Optics for your SEM needs is that dealers don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Search Optics has over a decade of experience in generating custom SEM programs specifically for the retail automotive industry that deliver measurable results. Our reporting system gives you precise details as to how your campaign is performing in the form of calls and emails into your dealership, not just “clicks” that other Internet marketing firms tout.

It’s clear that the Internet had changed the way that auto dealers do business. Dealers who understand the significance of effective SEM will benefit greatly, but those that do not may quickly find themselves going through budgets with no return.

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