Search Optics Analytics Tips & Tricks – What You Need To Know

The Stats Tab, in the admin portion of your Search Optics website, is your gateway to a mind-boggling amount of analytics and information. Say you want to know how many site visitors in the 92122 zip code were looking at your site between 9 and 10pm last night? It’s there. Or you want to know how many of those same people were using Internet Explorer and stayed on your site for more than 3 minutes? That’s there too.

With such a wealth of information, the trick to using Search Optics Stats becomes figuring out how much of it is actually valuable to you. For instance, you might be able to see how one person from China looked at your site on Tuesday but if this information doesn’t effect your bottom line or marketing decisions than it’s just a waste of time.

Before sitting down to dig through the Stats consider what information you would find valuable. Digging into analytics can be a little bit overwhelming so it helps to make a list of what info you would like to see before you start. Do you want to know which Used Cars people are looking at so you can tailor your specials accordingly? Are you curious about how many people are actually filling out forms on your site? Do you need to know if an ad campaign you ran on a local newspaper’s website actually brought you any traffic?

Search Optics Stats can show you all of this data and more (and, unlike Google Analytics, in real-time). In addition there are hundred of ways to “filter” and “compare” the information in Search Optics Stats so that you are seeing (or comparing) the exact segments of visitors you want. Once you’ve mastered Search Optics Stats, it can be a valuable tool. Armed with knowledge of how visitors are navigating your site your Marketing and Advertising campaigns can be more effective than ever!

Next month’s Tips & Tricks article will cover a few basic reports that you might find valuable and how to access them. In the meantime explore Search Optics Stats and get an idea of all the information that is available. If you need help getting started, feel free to contact your Search Optics Sales Rep at 888.509.9911

-Arianna Georgi

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