5 Internet Marketing New Year’s Resolutions to Try

Who doesn’t want to rev up their Internet Marketing in 2010? Drawing more attention to your business, increasing sales, and gaining new customers are all great things to aim for in the New Year. To help you achieve these goals, Search Optics suggests trying these Internet Marketing New Year’s Resolutions tips for 2010!

1. Try a Web 2.0 Campaign: A Web 2.0 Campaign will allow your company to reach out to Web-savvy customers in an easy, exciting way. On top of that, it will provide you with increased organic search engine result listings and let you better control your company’s reputation online.

2. Try a Newsletter for your business or company: A Newsletter allows your company to provide clients with information about your services and keeps your name in front of them on a monthly or weekly basis. You control the content so, you can be sure to present the images and messages you want customers to see.

3. Try a Mobile site: A Mobile Web site will allow customers to view your information directly from their phone. Customers on the go will be able to find your numbers, hours, and even specials more easily while they are out shopping or away from a computer.

4. Play a more active role in monitoring your site’s traffic: It’s a good idea to keep track of who is visiting your Web site, when they are visiting and how often. Make a resolution in 2010 to learn more about how to access and understand your site’s analytics.

5. Keep your Web site fresh with frequently changing specials and incentives for customers: Specials and Incentives will give customers a reason to buy your product and will result in more sales! If you change your sites specials on a weekly basis, customers will be likely to check your site frequently for new content and deals.

Search Optics can help you keep these, and any other Internet Marketing resolutions you may have. For more information, feel free to contact us!

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