The Top Three Digital Marketing Predictions in Automotive for 2015 at NADA

Search Optics® Encourages Auto Dealers to Embrace the Mobile Internet and Real-Time Data

NADA CONVENTION & EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO—Jan. 22, 2015—Search Optics®, a leading digital marketing solutions provider with a specialty in automotive, today announced at NADA 2015 the top three digital marketing trends it predicts will reshape industry dynamics for automotive dealerships. Working in the trenches with several of the largest auto OEMs and dealers, Search Optics sees the rise of the mobile Internet, the value of real-time content, and consumer demand for real-time data as priorities for auto brands to reach customers with a personalized online and mobile buying experience.

“With online influence now reaching critical mass in automotive purchase decisions, digital marketing will become far more strategic to automotive dealerships in 2015 than ever before,” said Troy Smith, Search Optics’ President. “Well beyond 50 percent of auto buyers are searching, reading and watching relevant content online or on their mobile devices before making a vehicle purchase . It’s clear that implementing proven digital marketing practices to address the changing market is what will separate the good dealers from the great ones in 2015.”

The dealers the implement the most dynamic digital marketing tactics can quickly adapt to constantly changing inventory, events, promotions, buyer preferences and more. Search Optics recommends the following trends as the most transformational for automotive marketing in 2015:

1. Real-Time Content: Real-time content is a new way to empower dealers to nurture leads, advance sales processes and improve engagement with potential buyers by making up-to-the-minute data actionable. This allows dealers to respond to user/buyer behavior on the fly with personalized display advertising, including header bars, pop-ups, retargeting and other online tools for faster, more efficient time-to-close ratios and better return on investment than traditional marketing methods.

2. Responsive Design and the Mobile Internet: With tablet and smartphone usage by in-market auto shoppers increasing by 35 percent year over year in 20141, responsive design is becoming essential and a major competitive advantage for dealers. Responsive design ensures dealer websites are accessible to a greater number of consumers who increasingly research and make purchase decisions from their mobile devices. This leads to increased SEO and higher levels of online lead conversion.

3. Data-Driven Marketing: Data-driven marketing helps dealers secure incremental revenue and brand trust over the full lifecycle of the customer relationship. In fact, data-driven marketing moves the needle in fixed operations, which, according to NADA, accounts for 12 percent of a dealership’s total revenue on average and can surge to up to 60 percent of overall net profits. By drawing upon sales transaction information and customer contact data, dealers can use data-driven marketing to reach out to customers and prospects over time—via email, phone, text message and other channels—with offers for service, parts, accessories, upgrades, lease buyouts and more, all while keeping a pulse on their ongoing automotive needs.

For more than 15 years, some of the world’s largest automotive brands have used Search Optics, including GM, Ford, Land Rover, Toyota and BMW, amongst many others. It provides a fully integrated digital marketing platform called Blueprint to power auto dealers’ online and mobile presence with a fast-loading inventory and responsive content management system.
Search Optics will discuss these trends and predictions at the NADA Convention & Expo 2015, held January 22-25 in San Francisco. To find out more, please visit them at booth #6044W.

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