The Final Countdown

We're launching our first D3 website this week and we couldn't be more excited. Since the launch of the D3 program, Search Optics has been eager to work with Canadian dealers on their customized website solutions. The innovation Search Optics has been able to cultivate with dealers since enrollment began has been astounding. We're happy to report that the customizable D3 websites are fulfilling dealers' every web content need. Optimized for mobile devices from phones to tablets and the somewhere-in-the-middle, 'phablet', every website is engineered with responsive technology. Our team of professional digital onboarders, client managers, designers, and developers have been working together to provide D3 website solutions at a world-class level. With a few more pilot websites due to launch later this month, we are gearing up for our full-fledged website launches in the first weeks of 2016 and throughout Q1.

Search Optics offers more than just D3 website services. We offer full turnkey digital advertising solutions. If you have any questions about the D3 program or additional digital advertising services, please contact your Search Optics representative or call us toll free! English: 877-508-4640 | Francais: 866-973-7051


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