You Can't Close a Click

Learn the difference between counting clicks and counting leads- the latter is vital to growing a successful and current business.

The modern day consumer's purchasing habits are drastically changing. Shopping for cars on mobile devices has taken over the conventional way of car buying. We have seen that mobile first research has skyrocketed compared to using a desktop, especially researching via mobile while at a dealership.

While clicks and impressions are important, many dealers are losing focus and forgetting that the leads are what make a business successful. The conversion process is much more complicated than the consumer's last click. According to research recently published by Google, car buyers in particular are influenced by an average of 21 different touchpoints throughout their shopping journey. That means that, if you are only counting each customer’s last click, you could be missing out on a number of opportunities to engage and convert them.

To create and maintain a successful and lead driven digital marketing plan, dealers will take a variety of valuable channels into account, provide the consumer with a better experience with engaging content, and build in multichannel attribution. These three touchpoints are vital to engage the customer, and stay current in the marketplace.

Display and social media marketing are difficult mediums to capture the true impact of their depth and breadth. Unfortunately, the vast majority of advertising interaction occurs without trackable online metrics. The lack of metrics leads many dealers to direct funds away from channels that could prove valuable in reaching consumers.

Gaining a better understanding of the variety of channels that influence the consumers purchase decision enables you to provide consumers with a richer online experience that results in better leads. It’s critical to create relevant, engaging content that delivers an immersive experience — especially on mobile. As car buyers increasingly carry out key shopping steps on their mobile devices, we must create relevant, personalized content for all the channels in which they seek out product information.

Most digital marketing services providers have the ability to match sales, but they fall short by failing to pair matchback with true attribution. This is why it is vital to build a multichannel attribution. While it’s useful to determine whether your ads are hitting the right targets by matching online ad views to registration records, measuring lift over control is critical to gaining a clear picture of the effectiveness of your ads.

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